• Explanation of PPJK and EMKL as well as Its Duties in Export Process

    PPJK ( Perusahaan Pengurus Jasa Kepabeanan ) is a business entity that carries out customs fulfillment activities for and on the power of importers or exporters. The maintenance of customs notification of imported or exported goods is done by the carrier, importer, or exporter.

    EMKL/U stands for Ekspedisi Muatan Kapal Laut/Udara ( Expedition Cargo Ship/Air ).

    PPJK stands for Perusahaan Pengurus Jasa Kepabeanan ( Customs Service Management Company ).

    Trucking Company is a company that has a fleet of land transportation such as truck/car box.

    Trucking Company is not EMKL and PPJK. But an EMKL / PPJK definitely has cooperation with many Trucking Company.

    In the past, an EMKL may not be able to manage customs activities at the port or airport. Because not all EMKL have PPJK license. But now EMKL and PPJK are identical. Because EMKL now definitely has PPJK license.

    EMKL/PPJK task is to manage customs clearance process / customs service at port / airport. Usually their task is one package as below:

    1. Taking empty containers at DEPO CONTAINER, escorting them to the shipper/exporter warehouse to load the goods, then escorting them to the TPK/Place of Container Filling at the port. Or if the shipment does not use containers, then they simply deliver the truck to the shipper’s warehouse and then drive it to the warehouse/warehouse in the company that provides console/LCL shipping services.
    2. Take care of customs clearance/customs services at Customs if shipper does not take care of Customs Clearance own.
    3. Take care of the process of making COO (certificate of Origin) if the shipper does not take care of itself.
    4. Export data Export using EDI system if shipper does not have EDI System itself.

    Legal Basis

    • Law no. 1 7 of 2006 on Amendment to Law no. 10 of 1995 on Customs.
    • Decree of the Minister of Finance No. 65 / PMK.0412007 concerning Customs Service Service Entrepreneur.
    • Regulation of the Director General (Customs and Excise No. P-2Zl BC / 2007 concerning the Guidelines for the Implementation of Principal Number and Supervision of the Customs Service Service Entrepreneur.

    Terms of Administration

    • Clarity and validity of PPJK address.
    • Clarity and correctness of the identity of the board and person in charge of PPJK.
    • Having a customs expert.
    • Certainty of bookkeeping.
    • To be able to start customs clearance activities, PPJK must have a form of guarantee in the form of:
      • Cash guarantee.
      • Bank guarantee.
      • Guarantee from the insurance company.


    If the maintenance of customs notices is not done alone:

    1. Importer or exporter can give the power of attorney to customs clearance agent (PPJK).
    2. PPJK registers through electronic media to the Directorate General of Customs and Excise to obtain the principal number of PPJK.
    3. The technical part of customs clearance checks the administrative requirements.
    4. The Director of Customs Technical on behalf of the Director General of Customs and Excise gives approval after the registration data is declared complete and correct.
    5. PPJK received the basic number of PPJK.
    6. PPJK that has received the main number of PPJK must first submit the guarantee to the Head of KPPBC (Office of Supervision and Service of Customs and Excise) whose working area oversees the domicile of PPJK.

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