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    Difference between Demurrage and Detention

    Yes, there is a clear difference between demurrage and detention.. Let me explain..

    Shipping and freight can be full of surprises and variables in terms of costs for a customer..

    In a lot of cases, these costs maybe highly prohibitive to the extent of some customers abandoning cargoes at destination due to these costs..

    In the context of containerised cargo these two cost items DEMURRAGE and DETENTION are crucial and could become a huge problem for the customers if they do not control their shipments properly and effectively.. Demurrage and detention is mostly associated with imports although it may happen in the case of exports as well..

    In this article I will explain, What is demurrage and detention, why is it charged, who charges it and who pays for it with some examples..

    Although the most common market practice is to combine demurrage and detention, it is important to know the difference between demurrage and detention..

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    Governor: Bali Remains Safe for Tourist Visitors

    Bali Governor Assures Diplomats that Danger of a Mount Agung Eruption Limited to Small Area Far Removed from Tourist Visitors


    At a meeting with a group of foreign consuls based in Bali. Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika declared the Island’s readiness to face a wide range of natural disasters.

    As reported by Metrobali.com, Pastika told the group headed by the Deputy Chief of the European Delegation in Indonesia and Brunei Darusalan, Charles-Michel Geurts, that Bali remains safe despite the elevated warning level for the Mount Agung volcano. The Governor’s assurances were delivered in a meeting with the delegation in his Denpasar office on Monday, October 23, 2017.

    Pastika went on to explain that the Provincial and National Disaster Mitigation Agencies have synergized their work to be able to have an adequate response in place no matter what eventuates from Mount Agung. “A variety of contingency plans have been prepared if Mount Agung erupts. A number of hospitals and ambulances have been prepared, so there is nothing to worry about,” he said.

    Pastika and a number of key provincial officials attending the meeting assured the group of consuls that the danger zone for any natural disaster is limited to a 12-kilometer radius from Mount Agung’s peak, meaning tourist visitors to Bali were not at personal risk.

    Shifting gears to the general topic of tourism in Bali, Pastika told the group that the province’s main tourism development problems centered on issues of infrastructure. Adding: “The infrastructure is the main problem. We wish to build a new airport because Ngurah Rai Airport is being overwhelmed by the large number of tourists.” The Governor said other infrastructure issues include the construction of an underpass, shortcut roads, and the quality tourist facilities.

    Governor Pastika took the opportunity to underline that Bali does not wish to become a mass tourism destination, but to become a world-class tourist destination of quality.

    © Bali Discovery Tours. Articles may be quoted and reproduced if attributed to http://www.balidiscovery.com.

    Sources: http://www.balidiscovery.com/messages/message.asp?Id=17614
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    Acrobat drops 13-feet and breaks neck after rig snaps during live performance at Canggu beach club, desperate bid launched to medevac woman out of Bali

    Left: Sam Panda lies in a hospital bed in Bali (GoFundMe). Right: The aerial acrobat performs a stunt in Canggu, moments before her equipment fails (still from Vimeo).

    Netizens are rallying to raise funds for an aerial acrobatic performer who broke her neck after falling 13 feet when the rig she was hanging from suddenly dropped down, during a live performance at a Canggu beach club.

    Horrifying footage of the technical malfunction during the fateful performance at Finns Beach Club on Oct. 26 shows an acrobat, contortionist known as “Sam Panda” doing stunts from a suspended hoop. Without warning, the rig plummeted down and the woman landed directly on her head and neck.

    A crowdfunding page called “Sam fell 13 ft & broke her neck” was launched on Nov. 2 for the woman on GoFundMe in a desperate bid to raise money for the woman’s medical evacuation to Singapore or Taiwan so she can undergo surgery by specialists.

    “She somehow survived but has multiple fractures in her neck and a shard of bone stuck in her spinal cord which is preventing her from walking,” reads the GoFundMe page’s bio, set up by Olivia Leonie.

    Panda did have a work permit and was insured by her employer, but the employer’s insurance won’t cover the medical evacuation itself, according to the crowdfunding page, which also noted that the acrobat’s case is time sensitive: “the longer Sam stays in Bali, the higher the risk that these debilitating injuries are irreversible.”

    As of Friday afternoon, just over US$9,000 has been raised of the page’s US$40,000 goal, which the page claims is the amount quoted for an evacuation out of Bali.

    Sam Panda posted an update to her Facebook page early on Friday morning, writing from the hospital.

    “It’s 5 am, and I’m in the hospital still unable to sleep, so I’m posting this picture from a few weeks ago of me being silly on the floor in my house,” Panda wrote, continuing on that she will persevere and do “whatever I can to get myself back to me.”

    Coconuts Bali has reached out to Finns Beach Club for comment on the matter. The beach club does not yet appear to have publicly acknowledged the incident.

    The same beach club was embroiled in controversy just a couple of months ago when Grammy-winner Macy Gray gave a highly disappointing performance in Sept. 2017. 

    Sources: https://coconuts.co/bali/news/acrobat-drops-13-feet-breaks-neck-rig-snaps-live-performance-canggu-beach-club-desperate-bid-medevac-woman-bali/
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