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    Getting the Best Sea Freight Services

    Considering that most traders depend upon sea freight services to have their goods and products delivered to their clients, choosing the company that offers the most satisfying services is of great importance to ensure that the customers are kept satisfied by the delivery of their goods or parcels. A mistake committed during the transportation of goods which might result to their spoilage, damage or loss can be a great blow to the traders and worst inconvenience to the customers.

    There are many sea freight services providers who serve clients along the globe. How to get the one company that will keep you satisfied and maintain the confidence that your clients have in you is the greatest test vested upon a trader. When you consult most companies may be through their websites or physically, they will tend to tell you why they are the best options to offer you the satisfaction that you need for the delivery of your goods whether they are personal effects, customer deliveries or exports. You should be in a position to also read what they do not tell regarding their shortcomings since it is through the weakest link that you are able to rate the strength of a chain. You can do this through consulting other people who have used the services and also rate their comments about the satisfaction given by the services.

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    Develop CSC, Garuda Open Opportunity for Private

    JAKARTA – PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. open to cooperate with private parties in building cargo service center (CSC).

    Garuda Indonesia Cargo President Director Sigit Muhartono said until the end of 2017 Garuda Cargo targets the addition of 25 units of CSC throughout Indonesia.

    “The beginning of our 2017 CSC entry totals 69 points, and now has added 12. Still remaining 13 again, and we are very open with the private sector to build this CSC,” said Sigit to Business, Wednesday (04/10/2017).

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    About CFS Center: ALFI Disappointed, GINSI Socialization Issues

    Tanjung Priok Port

    JAKARTA (BeritaTrans.com) – The Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) is disappointed with Pelindo II ujuk ujuk wanting to launch Container Freight Station (CFS) Center.

    Whereas in a meeting with Pelindo Branch of Tanjung Priok some time ago ALFI asked Pelindo II to present first in detail the concept of CFS Center, said Sekil Alfa Jakarta Adil Karim, Tuesday (3/10/2017).

    The presentation of CFS Center concept of Pelindo II is important for ALFI. Due to the less then Container Load (LCL) import business actors targeted by Pelindo II will fill the CFS Center member forwarder of ALFI.

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    Anticipating Mount Agung Eruption, KESDM Discussing the Scenario If the Line Ends

    DENPASAR – The Ministry of Energy and Human Resources (KESDM) is monitoring the field after the establishment of the status of Mount Agung to level IV alert.

    This field monitoring was conducted to see the preparation, and how the scenario of supply of aid if later on Mount Agung erupted. This was stated by the Head of Team of ESDM Siaga Bencana, Satry Nugraha when met on Tuesday (3/10/2017) night at Gunung Agung Observation Post, Rendang Village, Karangasem.

    “We are here to see EMR’s readiness in the event of a disaster, so the scope of EMR’s duty in helping the disaster, I coordinate here, especially the scope of ESDM such as gas, oil fuel, electricity, is the need for clean water, that’s what we focus on, and trying to synchronize scenarios in case of disaster, “he explained.

    The man, who is also a staff member of the ESDM Minister for Environmental and Spatial Planning, said that he had coordinated with the BNPB to share the task of distributing the relief supplies if the eruption occurred.

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    Nusa Penida Still Festive, Only Later

    Nusa Penida Festival-IV Postponed Due to Mt. Agung Emergency


    The Nusa Penida Festival-IV (NPF) scheduled to commence on October 5, 2017, on Bali’s offshore island of Nusa Penida that forms a part of the Klungkung Regency, has been postponed indefinitely due to ongoing preparations for an eruption of Mount Agung.

    NusaBali reports that the event originally set to commence on the coming full moon must be postponed until further notice. Nyoman Suwirta, the Regent of Klungkung, speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, September 26, 2017, said: “We have postponed NPF IV until a future date yet to be determined. We hope God will provide the best course of action and that this condition (a volcanic disaster) will soon end. When this ends, then we will hold the NPF-IV.”

    The decision to postpone the event, seen as a major tourism event for the Regency of Klungkung, was made after careful consultation with the various agencies of the regional government. The people of Nusa Penida have been advised of the postponement of a celebration that would be inappropriate when a large number of Balinese are experiencing a natural upheaval and displacement from their homes.

    The Regent of Klungkung underlined that in postponing the NPF IV the Regency was not abandoning tourism promotion, but only shifting its attention to the more pressing urgent humanitarian demands. Tour activities and other tourism activities in Klungkung are continuing to operate on a normal basis.

    The regency has allocated Rp. 1.7 billion for the NPF IV and a number of performances have been rehearsed and prepared, including a colossal Rejeng Dewa dance involving 1,000 performers drawn from students and housewives living on Nusa Penida. The postponed festival was scheduled to present wide range of cultural dances, local games, cooking demonstrations, surfing events, and traditional sailing boat races.

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    Sources: http://www.balidiscovery.com/messages/message.asp?Id=17427
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    Luna Maya, Bali Zoo called out for using orangutan as prop in Indonesian magazine cover shoot

    This cover for Brides Indonesia has not been doing so hot.

    Indonesian actress Luna Maya has been getting flak for a magazine cover shoot she did, posing with an orangutan.

    In the 2017 edition of Brides Indonesia, Maya wears what appears to be a wedding gown. The actress holds a big bouquet of flowers and sits next to an orangutan, whose palm rests on her shoulder.

    The cover did not go unnoticed by animal activists and netizens, who ripped into Maya and all involved in making the shoot happen.

    The Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation sounded off in an Instagram post on Tuesday, chiding Maya, as well as the magazine, Brides Indonesia, and Bimo Permadi, the assistant managing editor for publisher Her World, as well as the Bali Zoo—which apparently provided the orangutan for the shoot.

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